Charge Up A Classic


Rick's Motorsport Electrics (Booth 1908) is showcasing new charging kits for older 305/350/360 Hondas that reportedly put out 25 percent more power than stock and will support a 55-watt headlight. "It will also supply constant power to the bike's battery," says Amanda Shaw, spokeswoman for Rick's. "However, unlike the OE setup, the bike will charge with or without the headlights being on because of the higher voltage produced by the new system."

"The OE pieces use only one-third of the power without lights turned on," says company president Rick Shaw. "Our kit uses all of the generator's power with or without lights, and stores it in the battery."

The new kits are Rick's original redesign, featuring a single phase, full-wave system. They include a modern solid state rectifier/regulator and a stator. The kits will fit 1959-67 CB/CL77s, 1969-73 CB/CL350s and 1974-76 CB/CL360s. They retail for $225 and have a one-year warranty. If you're at the booth, ask for part numbers 99-101 and 99-102.