Cheng Shin Rebrands to CST


Some Dealer Expo attendees may have been surprised to see the huge, orange booth dedicated to CST tires. A new brand? No, just rebranded. The change at Cheng Shin Tires had been underway for about a year. "With the rebranding process came a revitalization in tire development for the ATV and motorcycle markets," said CST's Tom Edleston.

Cheng Shin Rubber USA and Maxxis International USA are both wholly owned subsidiaries of Taiwan's Cheng Shin Rubber, and they share facilities throughout the U.S. The parent company markets CST as "economical durability" and Maxxis as "cutting-edge performance." Cheng Shin hopes CST can gain as much acceptance in the U.S. market as Maxxis.

Cheng Shin is developing and producing CST tires at its factory in China. "While many of our tires are still produced in Taiwan, the migration to China is happening as we speak," Edleston told Dealernews. "CST has developed several new tire models in the motorcycle and ATV segments, and we are excited about their potential in the U.S." Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky and few other companies distribute the brands; will be a live Web site this year. — Arlo Redwine