Christini unveils AWD off-road motorcycles


INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 18, 2011 - After over four years of racing and development, Christini (Dealer Expo Booth 2111) is launching a branded factory line of all-wheel-drive off-road motorcycles featuring its proprietary AWD system.

The Christini AWD 450 features a new 450cc four-stroke engine and retails for only $6,895. The Christini AWD 300 is powered by a two-stroke Gas Gas 300cc motor and retails for an estimated $8,995. Each bike rides inside a specific AWD frame and running gear.

Christini’s AWD system is designed to allow a broad range of riders to enjoy the benefits of AWD, including better traction, less fatigue and a greatly reduced possibility of getting stuck. If you’ve got two wheels, you might as well use them both.

According to Steve Christini, “The AWD doesn't require any additional technical knowledge for dealers to adopt. However, the dealer should understand that our bikes sell very well for recreational riders. We also have the U.S. special forces testing our bikes which have come out on top against all other brands. They have tests showing our bike is 30 percent less fatiguing in difficult terrain because you don't expend energy; you just never get stuck. This is not just another bike, but a product that will appeal to customers who may not otherwise buy a standard machine.”