Chrome Capital reduces rates, moves into California and New York

Publish Date: 
Apr 11, 2014

NAPLES, Fla. – Harley-Davidson lease company Chrome Capital said it has reduced its lease rates across all credit tiers and expanded it lease-financing program to dealers in California and New York.

“The lease is an automatic customer retention tool not available anywhere else in the industry. Chrome instructs customers to ride back to the originating dealership when their lease is about to expire, typically 36 months. They are debt-free and ready for their next Harley in their natural trade cycle,” said Chrome Capital President and CEO Peter Wasmer.

U.S. Department of Transportation data for 2012 indicates California leads the nation with more than 802,000 motorcycle riders, while New York is sixth with 346,000 registered motorcycle riders.

“Leasing is the viable option for those seeking a low monthly payment, without being tied to a bike loan for six or seven years,” said Brian Cramer, vice president of dealer development for Chrome. “We believe our lower rates will draw even more riders to take advantage of the practical benefits of leasing versus long term financing of a pre-owned Harley.”

Chrome’s TestRide is the only national leasing program for pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The program has nearly 300 participating dealerships in now 41 states.

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Posted by Holly Wagner