City's decibel restriction prompting shop owner to expand elsewhere

Publish Date: 
Sep 27, 2012

NORTHBOROUGH, Mass. – A motorcycle shop owner is looking to move after the local Zoning Board of Appeals imposed noise restrictions that make his planned expansion unfeasible.

The board had approved an expansion by Hudson, Mass.-based Dynotune Inc. but imposed the noise restrictions after a hearing where three business owners complained the noise from a dynamometer is too loud and disruptive.

Dynotune's owner, Dean Hoffman, said the shop would only need to use the machine for a few hours per week to test bikes, and suggested limiting the hours of use. He said if the shop did well, he would buy a noise control container for the machine.

The Board approved Hoffman’s special permit, but with the condition that the level of noise from the shop not exceed 50 decibels.

Hoffman told the MetroWest Daily News the machine would cost about $25,000, so he will look for a friendlier business location.

Posted by Holly Wagner