Clark Collins Helms Idaho ATV Group


ATV enthusiasts from throughout Idaho have formed the Idaho State ATV Association (ISATVA) to "address threats to ATV access to Idaho's public lands."

The president of the newly created ISATVA is no stranger to the process -- Clark Collins, retired executive director of the Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) is at the helm. Collins built the BRC from its founding in 1987 to its status as the premier off-road recreation advocacy group in the nation.

He was named one of the 20 people on Outside Magazine's "Counter-enviro Power list" in May of 2005.

ISATVA is an umbrella group for 16 local clubs to date.

"I think that Idaho's ATV users are the real environmentalists," he told the Mountan Home News. "We are the ones helping our land managers maintain the trails and supporting funding programs that address the environmental impacts of trail use."

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Posted by Holly Wagner