Cobra, TGB Extend 4-Year Partnership

Cobra Scooters, LLC (Cobra Powersports) and Taiwan Golden Bee Co.; Ltd. (TGB) plan to continue a partnership through which TGB supplies Cobra with scooters and ATVs for the U.S. market.

TGB manufactures scooters and ATVs in Taiwan. Georgia-based Cobra Powersports has distributed TGB scooters and ATVs since 2004. Under this new, multi-year agreement, the vehicles will be sold by Cobra under the brand name "Peirspeed by TGB." Peirspeed is a brand name owned by Cobra Powersports.

"Forging the right tactical partnerships is critical to the long-term success of Cobra Powersports," says Cobra Scooters president Bill Peirce. Cobra supplies several hundred powersports retailers with Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers, TGB scooters and ATVs, SACHS MadAss and X-Road, and Peirspeed scooters.

"Bringing the right products into the right markets is our mutual goal. We truly believe that we can make a difference," says TGB president George Lin.

"The strategic partnership has accomplished a tremendous amount so far and achieved nearly all our goals during the first four years of its existence," Peirce says. "For instance, in 2006 we were the first company to have a two-stroke 50cc engine that met the new small engine EPA regulations. Additionally, we worked together to develop what we think is the best 400cc ATV on the market, the Outback 400cc ATV. These and other joint cooperation projects will continue into the future."