Cobra unveils four exhausts and a slip-on for Star Stryker

Yorba Linda, Calif.-based Cobra Engineering has released four full exhaust systems and a 4-inch slip-on muffler body for the 1300 cc Star Stryker motorcycle.

“This bike has a lot of potential, and we felt it deserved a large offering of exhaust systems that looked great but also enhanced the performance of the bike,” said Tim McCool, president of Cobra Engineering. “Each has a great sound, outstanding performance and a great price for the value, especially when you consider the limited lifetime warranty that comes with these systems.”

The Tri-Pro 2-into-1 system increases performance (especially, the company says, when used with the company’s PowrFlow air Intake system and the applicable Fi2000 fuel tuner), and provides a powerful sound while meeting the MIC/SAE J2825 sound standard. The head pipes use 222-degree wraparound heat shields that connect in the junction area with Cobra’s collector heat shield. The body of the muffler begins as a round shape at the collector, then morphs into a tri-oval shape at the rear. Proprietary internal construction prevents the pipe from blueing, and the baffling system keeps sound to a reasonable level, according to Cobra. The system then caps with a scalloped profile, tri-oval shaped aluminum dual-port tip.

For a custom look, the Swept Speedsters model has a more flowing line echoing the top profile of the Star Stryker. “Though this looks like a custom exhaust, it is truly a performance system,” says Cobra. A PowrPort located before the muffler body enables the Swept to demonstrate performance gains similar to the 2-into-1 system.

Other styles include the Speedster Slashdown, which has a more traditional look, and the Dragster, which features straight lines, full-length heat shields and chromed billet tips.

The new slip-on muffler, priced at $239.95, includes a “unique” collector heat shield that mates the muffler to stock head pipes. “This slip-on not only looks great but it also improves low- and mid-range performance,” according to Cobra.

From a press release. Posted by Mary Slepicka