Color of your eyes may dictate best eyewear lens tint: study

Publish Date: 
Aug 27, 2013

DALLAS, Texas – A prescription motorcycle eyewear company says the color of your peepers may dictate what eyewear lens color you should wear. 

The idea was to find one optimum color for riders, but that's not exactly how it turned out.

ADS Sports Eyewear tested gray and copper sunglass lenses to determine which color was better for motorcyclists. Results showed that the rider’s eye color was as important component in making this determination.

The company’s sales show that more than 80 percent of riders wear gray lenses and black frames. In this experiment, each participant rode through the same environment with each lens color. Their goal was to determine if either lens color helped the rider evaluate road textures or recognize subtle hazards. Prescription sunglasses were included in the evaluation, but did not appear to have any impact on the final results.

Early in the testing, researchers discovered that eye color was an important component in determining which lens colors were most comfortable, and which lenses provide the best contrast for different riders.

Medically it could be explained by the fact that lighter-colored eyes like light blue, green or hazel are more transparent and therefore more inclined to be sensitive to bright light. Contrast lenses will make the world seem brighter. This is true even when a contrast lens like a 12 percent copper or brown lens is compared to a 12 percent gray lens. Both lenses let in the same 12 percent of light, but the contrast lens will feel much brighter. This perceived brightness is neither needed or welcome for riders who are light-sensitive. (continued)