Colorado company plans to bring new electric scooters to North America


BioSource Solutions Inc. says it sees opportunity in the electric bike market and plans to introduce a new scooter brand in North America.

The Westminster, Colo.-based company plans to launch a scooter division and start with sales in Canada.

“Biosource Solutions has found a top quality manufacture of e-bikes that has a proven three-year track record of providing reliable e-bikes to the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria and Portugal,” says the company’s Web site. “Their e-bikes are equipped with brushless motors that have been problem free and offer more torque for less amperage. The manufacturer also has its own patented silicone gel lead acid batteries that will last for 500+ charges, have a one year warranty, and is safer and better for the environment. High quality lithium batteries are also available that have a higher energy density, are much lighter and last up to 2000 charges.”

The company plans to use the network of national and foreign retail contacts and its own warehouse and marketing infrastructure to move forward with this specialized division,” the company says.

BioSource is a manufacturer of biodegradable, biological, botanical consumer cleaning products with products available in major North American retail outlets.

Posted by Holly Wagner