Companies partner on portable tires-to-fuel converter


Ultimate Sports, Inc. an off-road manufacturer and supplier, has announced a joint venture with EnSol, LLC, to fund the “Tire Converter Project.”

The company says a fully-operational demonstration converter is the size of a truck bed. That mobile unit will not be a full-sized production unit, but is meant to show its capabilities for various customers. The units convert old tires to oil and solvents.

The cost to fabricate and test a portable model is about $400,000. The oil generated from six months of operation is expected to provide $175,875 in revenue at $75 a barrel. The solvent revenue is expected to be around $1.076 million at $20 a gallon. The annual revenue from one mobile unit is expected to be in excess of $2,000,000, the company says.

The companies describe the converter as “a closed-loop system that can process any organic material into usable energy. The first unit will be designed specifically to process tire chips. The tire chips will produce gas, carbon black and solvent. The type of feedstock will dictate the end product recovered. The best feedstock is truck tires, although the process can convert any hydrocarbon. The converter is capable of turning waste streams into oil, gas and other beneficial products such as fertilizer and carbon black. It can also create carbon credits.”

A prototype unit was put to the test, showing that the converter yields more than 95 percent of usable product after it converts the materials put into it. The goal is to fabricate and test a portable unit that can be taken to remote sites for conversion and environmental cleanup jobs.

"We expect the tire converter to be one of our most lucrative development projects, and therefore, we have placed it at the top of our priority list,” says Robert Matthews of EnSol. “We have reviewed many types of processes and have found that our modular design solves many problems relating to cost, size, maintenance, and down time. The joint venture will allow us to bring together the necessary funding to build a modular unit and to begin demonstrating the efficiency of the system. We are eager to have the chance to work with USI on this project."

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Posted by Holly Wagner