Competition Accessories is in megastore mode

Publish Date: 
Aug 26, 2012
By Dennis Johnson

YOU CANNOT DO A MEGASTORE HALFWAY. Nope, if you’re going jump into it, you’ve got to go the distance.

Competition Accessories in Springfield, Ohio, houses seven OEM franchises (Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, KYMCO, Polaris and Suzuki) and three brands of trailers (Kendon, Shoreland’r and Pace), and carries parts, gear and accessories from a multitude of distributors.

How much PG&A? About $1.2 million’s worth, a figure that co-owner/GM Shawn Bowshier points to with pride. If you’re going to compare your store with the likes of Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s, and cater to customers willing to drive in from three to four hours away, you’ve got to walk the walk.


Competition Accessories isn’t a mega-etailer because of an agreement with an e-commerce site that owns the name Competition Accessories; however, the dealership sells on eBay, Shopatron and a few other sources to the tune of $400,000 in sales in 2011.
The store’s website is at the URL


And so it does, this five-time Top 100 Dealer award-winner. Competition Accessories consistently maintains market share with the brands it sells — it has the OEM awards to show for it — and Bowshier and team make darn sure that if they’re going to stock such a heavy inventory, they’d better do it right. That means vigilance on inventory turns, regular sales and product training and strong hiring standards. Such are the practices that stand behind the label of megastore.

“We decide what products we want to carry and make sure that we stock that product,” Bowshier says. “If a customer leaves our store empty-handed, there is a good chance he will find what he is looking for somewhere else. Our staff is trained and constantly reminded that in today’s market, you must give the customer excellent customer service, or they won’t be back. Can we switch him or her to something we have in stock? Can we order the product for them and ship it? These are the questions we ask of every customer who enters our store.” (story continues)