Connecticut representative proposes ATV registration, trail construction

Publish Date: 
Feb 19, 2013

DURHAM, Conn. - State Rep. Anthony D'Amelio is pushing for ATV trails in Connecticut.

He switched from ATVs to dirtbikes after having to register two ATVs in Massachusetts to ride legally.

"There are no legal ATV trails in the state of Connecticut," he told Durham Patch. "We were forced to register our ATVs in Massachusetts because there's lots of trails there, but you have to register…There are a lot of trails in Connecticut for dirt bikes, but not ATVs.

His plan would create a registration system for ATVs with a $30 per-vehicle fee to fund trail maintenance. Trails already exist in the state that could be suitable for ATV-riding, he said.

'It's high time the state of Connecticut recognizes that a lot of ATVs out there are driven illegally because there's no legal place to drive them," he said. "I'd like to stop that."

D'Amelio recently introduced two bills to the Connecticut General Assembly, House Bills 5145 and 5147. One would create the registration system and the other would create ATV trails. Both are in the legislature’s Joint Committee on Environment awaiting action. 

Posted by Holly Wagner