Consumer confidence program builds business at

Publish Date: 
May 31, 2011

Online powersports retailer has increased its conversion rate by 9.8 percent since adopting buySAFE, Inc.’s consumer confidence program, buySAFE says.

The company cites an “A/B test” that indicates buySAFE increased BikeBandit’s website conversion and sales while also improving the overall customer purchase experience. used a split A/B testing methodology to measure the conversion, sales and profit impact of using the buySAFE program. The test was conducted over a multi-week period in March. The results included hundreds of thousands of visitors and more than 30,000 orders. With buySAFE, saw more than two additional sales for every thousand website visitors.

“Any program that can add to [the site’s] trust is valuable to us and buySAFE has been proven to be immensely valuable,” says Kailin Terrill, marketing manager at “We have also found that our buyers see a lot of value in the buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee as we received tons of positive feedback from our buyers for providing it.”

Posted by Holly Wagner