Consumer group seeks to ban ATVs from paved roads

Publish Date: 
Mar 18, 2014

CFA’s report calls for immediate action at the municipal, county, state, and federal level to prohibit ATVs on roadways. The recommendations include:

  • The ATV industry: CFA called upon all segments of the ATV industry to prioritize opposition to laws and ordinances allowing ATVs on roads.
  • State laws: Pass laws prohibiting ATV use on all roadways. State laws should not delegate authority over ATV access to local jurisdictions.
  • Municipal and county ordinances: Where state laws allow local jurisdictions to make decisions regarding ATV access to public roads, those jurisdictions should not expand the permissible range of ATVs on roads.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: ATVs are not under NHTSA’s jurisdiction; however, since states are increasingly passing laws permitting on-road use and ATV deaths are occurring primarily on roads, the group says NHTSA should take concrete steps to address ATV safety. NHTSA should share data with the CPSC and expand current grant programs that fund enforcement efforts to ATVs.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission: As the agency responsible for ATV safety, CFA says the CPSC should be a strong voice in opposing the operation of ATVs on roads and in educating consumers about the dangers of on road ATV use.  Additionally, the CPSC could improve ATV death data by including how many deaths occur on private versus public roads.
  • ATV stakeholders: All those interested in and working on ATV safety need to work together to prioritize opposition to efforts to expand ATV operation on roads.

“Consumer and health and safety advocates, federal regulators, and all segments of the ATV industry must work together to prevent ATVs from operating on roads,” stated Weintraub. “ATVs on roads are a serious public health risk and action must be taken now to protect consumers from this grave hazard.”

Posted by Holly Wagner