Consumer Website Reviews Dealers

Publish Date: 
May 22, 2007

A NEW WEBSITE is designed to help consumers find the best price for a particular part or accessory by searching dealer websites. But so far, it's only listing online stores that have a commission arrangement with the site.

The website,, provides information on various products, prices and services dealers provide online -- including live online help, customer product reviews, clearance product newsletters, products available, payment methods accepted, possible financing packages, shipping information, promotions and policies.

The site also gives viewers strategies for purchasing products through dealers, through online stores and even via classified ads. Topics covered include price negotiation tips, questions buyers should ask, and critical inspection details.

"My staff and I thoroughly evaluate each dealer reviewed on the site by examining site ease of use, terms and policies, and staff expertise," says site founder Jim Thompson.

"Riders can leverage the Web to get a better price or free extras when buying a motorcycle," Thompson notes. "We discuss some simple tactics that can help save money on a new bike."

When Dealernews checked, only four online stores were listed on the website: BikeBandit, MotorcycleSuperstore, RideGear and JC Whitney. We asked Thompson whether dealerships pay to be listed on the site; he says no, but it?s possible money will change hands afterward.

"Dealers do not purchase their position on our site," Thompson says, "but do provide a sales commission on orders placed from our website links."

-- Guido Ebert and Mary Slepicka