Conversion kit helps trike riders lean into the curves

Publish Date: 
Aug 21, 2012

NASHUA, N.H. – An engineer and entrepreneur say they have developed a trike conversion kit that helps keep bikes stable but also lets riders lean into turns like they do on two wheels.

“If you can’t lean into corners, it just doesn’t feel right,” said Steve Young, creator of the Dual Glide Conversion Kit.

He and business partner Mike Martein hope to start manufacturing the kits in the fall.

“It looks like a traditional touring bike, so you don’t realize it’s a three-wheeler,” Young told the Nashua Telegraph.

The vehicle reportedly is much narrower than a standard trike, and the rear wheels are hidden by a fender that looks like a typical motorcycle saddlebag.

Young converted a Harley-Davidson in Martein’s shop, Wizard Cycles. It includes a computer module that senses the bike’s speed and switches into “floating mode,” so the trike handles like a regular two-wheeler, Young said.

It works through a hydraulic system that allows fluid to flow from one back wheel to the other. Both wheels work opposite each other, so when one wheel contacts the road as the bike corners, the other automatically rises, Young said. When the bike slows to a stop the wheels lock, and both contact the road giving the bike stability.

Young and Martein, through their company Streetwize Technologies LLC, said they plan to hire about 30 workers when the conversion kits go into production.

Posted by Holly Wagner