Cool a Kawi with Cycra Racing's Powerflow shrouds

Publish Date: 
Mar 6, 2013

HEBRON, Ohio - Cycra Racing’s patented Powerflow intake radiator shrouds are now available for Kawasaki’s KX250 and KX450 models.

According to Cycra Racing, the shrouds provide increased airflow and performance by pumping heat from behind the radiator to cool engine heads, electronics, and the fuel system. The scoops decrease in size from 5 in. tall to 1.5 in. tall at the exit point, a venturi design that reportedly helps accelerate the airflow through the scoop. The overall design reportedly helps keep the area under the fuel tank and around the cylinder head cooler.

The front edge is also thicker and rounder than stock to help reduce stress and cracking. And, the company narrowed the design of the shroud by half an inch to reduce the chance of a rider snagging a boot. The shrouds are made using ultra high-impact injected and molded plastic for a high-quality fit and finish. Available in black, white and Kawasaki green. The setup reportedly works with stock graphics kits.

Posted by Dennis Johnson