Corbin unveils duals for Honda CTX700, Indian Chieftain

Publish Date: 
Jan 4, 2014
By Bruce Steever

HOLLISTER, Calif. - Corbin has unveiled new seats for some of the latest models from Honda and Indian Motorcycles.

For Honda’s CTX700 models, Corbin offers a new Dual saddle, designed to increase comfort and eliminate hotspots compared to stock while offering a more customized look. The neutralized seating position is also claimed to lower the tendency to slide in the saddle, thus reducing rider fatigue.

MSRP for the Dual Saddle is $397. Several variants of Corbin’s backrests are also available starting at $259.


On the cruiser front, Corbin also announced its new Dual Tour saddles for the reborn 2014 Indian Chieftain.

Offering a blend of form and function, the saddle has been designed to offer the best ergonomics Corbin’s engineers can provide and improved long-range comfort, the company said.

Optional upgrades include electric seat heaters for the rider and passenger as well as rider and passenger backrests. MSRP for the Dual Tour saddle starts at $625.