Corbin upgrades BMW’s all-new water-cooled RT

Publish Date: 
May 18, 2014
By Bruce Steever

HOLLISTER, Calif. – BMW’s touring machines have long had a reputation for comfort. But nothing’s perfect, and riders love to customize. For BMW’s latest water-cooled RT, the stock seat is plenty plush, but too square to match the average rider’s backside.

Corbin has stepped up to bring its saddle-building expertise to the BMW’s latest touring platform.

Compared to the stock seat, the new Corbin saddle features a more sculpted design with a pronounced bucket shaping. The shape of the seat is lowest in the center, which relives central pressure from the rider’s tailbone, while the contoured overall shape cradles the body and disperses weight over a greater area.

Corbin also incorporates electric seat heaters into the saddle design, which integrates with the stock BMW control module. A switch along the side for the passenger section works just like the stock toggle switch. Temperature is controlled and maintained just like the OEM seat, the company said.

To add a touch of class and conceal the heating pads, Corbin uses a twin-stitch pattern in the leather seating areas. 

This new dual saddle also works with a Corbin’s optional rider backrests for added comfort and support. Backrest support hardware is built into the saddle for a very clean look.

Finally, like all Corbin saddles, the new RT seat is built using Corbin’s exclusive Comfort Cell foam, which is firm to break-in well and last for years, the company noted.

The Corbin saddle for the 2014 BMW R1200RT, complete with standard heating elements, retails for $678.