upgrades online customer service


San West Inc., an up-and-comer in the off-road vehicle (ORV) segment and operator of the ORV portal and Buggy World retailers, has launched a new customer service system for its online properties.

The new system “will significantly accelerate customer service functions, link consumers with updated information, and ensure that issues like missing or damaged parts are resolved in an expedited fashion,” the company says.

"When a part is damaged or missing during shipment, usually due to manufacturer error or problems in shipments from China, we want to respond quickly and professionally and make sure we maintain ongoing communication with our customers,” says president Jesse Gonzales. “This new system, launched this month, automates important functions, gives our customers more information both immediately and on an ongoing basis, and gives us the tools to bring customer service to an entirely new level."

Consumers may submit trouble tickets, triggering periodic status update emails and letting the customer follow the process online. An online knowledge base links consumers with manuals, forums and other data to help resolve common problems.

In addition, the system includes a troubleshooter, which automatically guides customers through problems, collecting information and routing the consumer either to submit a ticket or to online data which can enable the customer to resolve the problem without further assistance. The system also reduces expenses and improves the Company's green profile by eliminating paper, faxes and forms, allowing customer service representatives to resolve issues digitally.

Scooters have been driving second quarter growth, Gonzales says, and the company is looking to buggy sales to trend upward later this year.

“These more complex vehicles often require more customer service interactions, and the new trouble ticket system will help us to service our customer base," he says.

Posted by Holly Wagner