Couple Opens G. Brick Motorsports


The former Williamson Honda, a Honda and Suzuki dealer in the Mill Hall, Pa., area for several decades, is under new management. The store will host an open house under its new shingle, G. Brick Motorsports, this weekend.

Bill and Tina Garbrick took over in October and continue as the only Honda and Suzuki franchisee in the county. In addition, it offers a small selection of used motorcycles and ATVs. The couple has kept on most of the Williamson staff.

The transaction took about two years to finalize because of OEM requirements on franchisees.

Both owners still hold full-time jobs outside the dealership. Bill works at First Quality Tissue in Lock Haven and Tina is a teacher at Lock Haven Catholic School. They have two sons and a daughter, Connor, 16; Johnna, 15; and Alex, 11.

Bill Garbrick says the shop will offer some "subtle changes" in the type of motorcycles offered.

"Carl [Williamson] kind of had his favorites and his focus was on those types of motorcycles," Garbrick told "We've just kind of opened up the selection a little bit."

The couple also changed the layout of the store to offer a better selction of PG&A in a more convenient display format.

Tina Garbrick says the big seller through the fall and winter were ATVs, but as the weather gets warmer, the market is turning to dual-sport bikes.

The business is building a Web site at

Posted by Holly Wagner