Couple sues Harley-Davidson because ABS wasn't offered on their bike

Publish Date: 
Jun 26, 2014

CAMP COUNTY, Texas - A couple is suing Harley-Davidson in a case asserting product liability because antilock brakes were not offered as an option on their motorcycle.

Mark and Pamela Jones filed a lawsuit against Harley-Davidson Inc. on June 16 in the Marshall Division of the Eastern District of Texas.

According to the complaint, Mark Jones was driving and his wife, Pamela, was a passenger on their 2012 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic last July 6, when a car cut in front of the plaintiffs, forcing Mark Jones to make an emergency stop. He claims the motorcycle’s wheels locked up, causing the bike to fishtail and then pitch in the opposite direction, flinging Jones and his wife some distance, according to the Southeast Texas Record.

The complaint states he suffered skull fractures, broken bones and a severe brain injury, and Pamela Jones suffered a skull fracture, brain injury, a spleen injury and a shattered elbow.

According to the complaint, the motorcycle did not have ABS as an option when the couple purchased the motorcycle. They seek more than $75,000 in damages on claims of strict product liability, failure to warn/marketing defect and negligence.

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