Coyne Powersports decks the mall with Rzrs and Spyders


Shoppers strolling through the Westfield Mall in Palm Desert, Calif., (near Palm Springs, Calif.) this holiday season may notice an new storefront. In between the usual mall retail shop, there happens to be a cleanly styled boutique bearing the name of Coyne Powersports . Inside is a small selection of units such as a Polaris side-by-side, a Can-Am Spyder, a selection of dirtbikes and streetbikes from Honda and Yamaha, as well as helmets and other accessories. Most importantly, you don’t have to be an industry expert to see that the mall location is working. Spend ten minutes inside and the amount of foot traffic this small retail space gets is amazing.

“This is our second year at the mall,” explains Jeremy Howe, sales manager for Coyne Powersports, which has locations in the Southern California cities of Indio, Beaumont and El Centro. “The idea came from the general manager at our Beaumont location, Joe Rincon. It was so successful during last year’s holiday season that we kept it all the way through the spring.”

The mall storefront has proven to be a sharp move, as it not only was cheaper than more common marketing or advertising venues, but it has delivered directly measurable results. “We've seen an increase in floor traffic of about eight percent according to our coupons that we hand out there,” Howe claims. “Sales guys have more to follow up with as we are getting a solid 3-5 leads a day. We’ve also retailed five units directly from the mall store, with countless leads still working. Customers are generally interested. If it isn’t a huge retail bump, it still lets people know that we're in the area and the mall store generates customer awareness and more retail traffic through the doors of the main dealership.”

Of course, the end goal is more than just sales, as the exposure to a large variety of consumers — many of whom are already in a ‘buying mood’ thanks to the holidays — is priceless. For Coyne, the exposure is doubly important, as the Indio location is a new expansion into the Coachella Valley for the growing Coyne group. Howe is obviously quite happy with the results of the endeavor. “It takes some work getting permission from the manufacturers and the DMV,” Howe explains, “but if you can find a location where rent is low and exposure is high, it's definitely worth the effort.”

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