CPSIA Protesters Converge on Washington

Two dealers spoke at a CPSIA protest rally this morning on Capitol Hill. They were part of a coalition that is calling for Congress to impose a one-year stay of implementation of the CPSIA to fix its flaws.

A video of the event — dubbed the Amend the CPSIA Rally — will be posted soon at www.amendthecpsia.com. Participants reported that CNN and ABC News also had cameras at the meeting.

The dealers were Richard Riley, owner of Fredericktown Yamaha in Frederick, Md., and Steve Burnside, owner of DSD Kawasaki in Parkersburg, W.V. Also speaking for the industry was youth motocross racer Chace Yencer.

About 20 other speakers included scientists, congressmen and various association leaders.

The MIC, SVIA and AMA also participated in the event. They were joined by 10 organizations representing a variety of causes and industries, including apparel, footwear, jewelry, toys and sleep products. Thrift shops and manufacturers in general were also represented.

According to the MIC (which says it helped develop the rally), the event was designed to help industry advocates meet members of Congress, provide industry impact information and bring attention to the CPSIA crisis.