CRIME WATCH: Break-in attempts at Massachusetts motorcycle shops

Publish Date: 
Mar 6, 2013

EAST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. – Authorities are trying to figure out who broke into two area motorcycle shops last night or early this morning.

An alarm at Monty’s Cycle Shop alerted West Bridgewater Police to a break-in there. Upon arrival, they found the glass front door smashed in, Sgt. Russell Regan told the Brockton Enterprise.

“We don’t believe that they actually got into the building,” he said.

Officers checking the area discovered a second break-in attempt at Bettencourt’s Honda-Suzuki. Investigators believe the culprits started there, then moved on to Monty’s about a mile away.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether any property was missing from either dealer. 

Posted by Holly Wagner