CRIME WATCH: Burglars take clothing from Houston Harley dealership

Publish Date: 
Jul 17, 2012

HOUSTON, Texas – Authorities are trying to identify suspects that burglarized Harley-Davidson of Kingwood over the weekend of July 14-15.

Houston Police Department spokesman John Cannon told the Kingwood Observer a store manager found a glass front door shattered at the dealership around 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

“He said there was an undetermined amount of clothing missing from several racks inside the store,” Cannon said. “Nothing else appeared to be taken. The owner is conducting inventory to determine the value of the stolen items.”

TV station KPRC reported that authorities think the same thieves hit the store a month earlier. Both times they got away with about $5,000 worth of leathers -- the first time women's clotthing, and the second time menswear.

Investigators are reviewing security camera footage for leads. Footage posted at KPRC shows people piling out of a vehicle in front of the store, breaking a glass door and darting in to grab the goods. 

Posted by Holly Wagner