CRIME WATCH: Robbers smash truck into two motorcycle shops

Publish Date: 
Oct 30, 2012

NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – Authorities are investigating two motorcycle shop burglaries in which the robbers crashed through a wall with a truck to get the goods inside.

Surveillance cameras were rolling during the most recent incident. Several men used a truck as a battering ram to get into the store. Once inside, one man smashed a surveillance camera while covering his face, but other cameras picked up the action.

"It's just frustrating that these guys get away with that," store owner Alex Ramos told WSVN. "They're all over the street doing illegal stuff. You definitely feel violated."

Police believe the truck used to crash the gate was stolen. The robbers got away with two bikes valued at $16,000.

In a similar incident over the weekend, a truck crashed through the front of another motorcycle shop. It was burglarized with a truck, which drove through the front of the business. Police are investigating whether or not these two crimes are connected. 

Posted by Holly Wagner