CRIME WATCH: Shop burglarized in December hit again in February

Publish Date: 
Feb 19, 2013

DOUGLASSVILLE, Pa. - Police are looking for thieves who broke into Evolution Powersports by slamming a large vehicle into glass doors some time Feb. 8 or 9.

State police at the Reading barracks told the Pottstown Mercury unknown persons drove a truck or other large vehicle over a chainlink fence around the business and rammed the glass doors to get inside. They stole several dirt bikes and helmets from the main showroom before fleeing.

The same shop was hit in December. Thieves broke through the front door of the business early Dec. 20 and stole a 2004 red and black Yamaha Banshee, a Kawasaki KFX 450 and a black SSR dirt bike.

Posted by Holly Wagner