Custom builder opens shop in former grain elevator

Publish Date: 
Feb 26, 2014

SCHOMBERG, Ontario – Maybe it’s just the way custom builders see the world: why build something new when you can restore a classic?

That’s what John Sheard saw when he looked at an old grain elevator on Highway 9 in Schomberg, now the home of Main Street Custom Powersports.

“I can see something that has potential and I know it’s repairable,” he told the Caledon Enterprise. “It’s just my nature to be able to see something that’s old and know its value.”

Sheard and wife/co-owner Joanne Pearson started renovating the building last April. Even though it turned out to be more work than expected, the result brings in riders and non-riders alike.

Grain was still in the elevator, which hadn’t been used for nearly 20 years. Rats had nested in the walls, chewed through all the insulation, ruined the drywall, and damaged the wiring throughout the entire building. There were scorch marks on the insides of the wall where they had chewed through the wires. Sheard and Pearson had to jack up the building to lower it to the ground, pour new concrete, and completely rebuild the front porch – and they used all local contractors and friends to help them do it.

Somehow, the building survived, better than before, with its traditional layout, colors and overall appearance mostly intact. Now the front of the building is lined with used cycles for sale, the southern room is the shop for custom builds and repairs and the back part of the store has a counter.

Posted by Holly Wagner