Custom Chrome Dealer Show to feature a bigger facility and a public day


The 2011 Custom Chrome Dealer Show will take place the weekend of March 19-20 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Northern California. Unlike in years past, doors will be open to the general public on the second day of the show.

Custom Chrome says that after a recent expansion, the Convention Center boasts 302,000 sq. ft. of space, providing the distributor with “the facilities and technical requirements needed to continue growing the popular Dealer Show. Past vendor participants and the many new ones coming on board will find the best facilities available to hold educational seminars and discussions with the hundreds of dealers expected to attend. Along with ample space, the new location will provide Custom Custom the support to continue giving vendors and dealers the fantastic package of great food, great seminars, great after-hours fun, and the personal touch that Custom Chrome is known for.”

CCI president and CEO Holger Mohr says, “In bringing back the Custom Chrome Dealer Show in 2010, we wanted to keep the return of the Dealer Show a bit more intimate. The response and attendance was so overwhelmingly positive that we completely stuffed last year’s location in terms of vending space, hotel rooms and overall facilities. For next year, we had to look for a location that could handle not only vendor booths and meeting rooms, but also provide even higher levels of service that our dealers, vendors and visitors demand.”

Custom Chrome calls the public day “a real first in the United States for a distributor. Having motorcycle owners and riders interacting with aftermarket vendors provides a way to engage their true end users in a more controlled environment than a big bike rally and provides more value.”

Steve Veltri is the company’s VP of sales and marketing. “We have seen firsthand the tremendous value of having a public day at our Custom Chrome Europe Dealer Show,” he says. “For years, it has been the most attended and most popular Dealer Show in Europe from a vendor and dealer perspective. Our vendors have asked for something similar here in California, and we have responded in kind. At the end of the day, motorcycle owners buy the products we all sell, and letting them see an early sneak peek at 2011 new products will get them excited and buying more, earlier in the season.”

New for the 2011 Dealer Show will be the finals of the Chrome International Bike Show Series — North American Championship Bike Show. The Championship will be open to all custom bike builders and customizers from the U.S., Canada and South America and will provide the finale to the weekend’s activities.

In addition, Custom Chrome announces that the dates of the Custom Chrome Europe 2011 Dealer Show will be March 26-27, with Sunday being open to the general public as in past years.

“The one-on-ones with tons of vendors, to learn more and get a thorough education about products, hands-on and in-depth, that’s what I enjoy most about the Custom Chrome Dealer Show,” Sparky of Lifestyle Cycles in Anaheim, Calif., tells Custom Chrome. “I get the opportunity to sit down with my sales rep and go over sales and future plans. [That’s] what makes my future business profitable.”

Dealers can contact their Custom Chrome representative for more details.

Posted by Arlo Redwine