Custom Cycle and Machine: service by appointment


Thomas Price has been fixing motorcycles at Custom Cycle and Machine in Cedar Park, Texas, since 1986, but he started at a parts counter.

He owned a PG&A store for 15 years before deciding he’d rather turn wrenches.

“I did the retail thing for 15 years,” he told Impact News. “But I would much rather be doing machine work than selling parts. I just wanted to concentrate on this store.”

Price, who started riding as a teenager, says there’s plenty of repair work to keep him busy.

“There are never enough hours in the day to get all the work done,” he says. “It might be a good thing that a lot of people don’t know I’m here [in a residential area] because I can’t handle much more than I’m doing now.”

Custom Cycle and Machine only works by appointment, and takes them over the phone. Price is working on a Web site he hopes to launch soon.

In addition to repairing bikes, Price uses his garage as a classroom for the motorcycle course he teaches at Austin Community College. Each semester, he invites 10 students to work in the shop in the evenings.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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