Customers, Dealers Can Save with Motobrackets Replacement Parts

In almost any crash involving a sportbike, the front fairing brackets are damaged or tweaked. Usually, there are few options: replace with the OEM part or swap to a race-style fairing stay. Either way, these are expensive parts to replace.

Motobrackets may be another answer. These fairing brackets are identical to the OEM part in fit, function and construction, but are listed at a fraction of the OEM price.

Motobrackets makes fitments for most post-2000 sportbike models, with more applications every day. There are big monetary savings when purchasing Motobrackets versus the OEM parts: a stock Hayabusa bracket sells for $230 compared to a Motobrackets replacement for $160.

Dealers can save big bucks on a crash repair while still passing savings to their customers by using Motobrackets. Check them out at booth L915 in the Lucas Oil Stadium Sportbike Pavilion or on the Web at

– Submitted by Bruce Steever