CV Performance V-Ductor gives carb mounted venturi boost

Publish Date: 
Aug 13, 2014

GLENDORA, Calif. - CV Performance introduces the CVP V-Ductor, a “finishing” performance accessory that claims to add power and efficiency for any carbed Harley-Davidson.

Add the V-Ductor in addition to a tuned carb, such as one featuring a CV Performance Tuners kit. The V-Ductor is essentially a compact velocity stack that fits inside the air cleaner. By funneling air through the unique venturi design, the V-Ductor claims to reduce turbulence while increasing velocity for optimal fuel mixture.

Unlike similar bolt-on carb mods such as vanes, grates or screens that may deflect airflow or encourage turbulence, the V-Ductor never blocks or reduces flow. Instead, the increased air density is intended to improve mileage by encouraging a more complete burn of the air/fuel mixture.

The V-Ductor bolts on in minutes, according to the company, and is built from CNC-machined and laser cut 6061 billet aluminum to install behind a stock or high flow aftermarket accessory air cleaner. The V-Ductor fits all H-D models using CV-style carburetors or Delphi Fuel injection, including 2008-14 Touring, FL, XL as well as Mikuni HSR carbs w/air box adapters.

The V-Ductor normally retails for $79.95.


From a press release