CV Premium H-D Carb Kits simplify tuning

Publish Date: 
Jun 1, 2014
By Bruce Steever

GLENDORA, Calif. – Harley-Davidson carburetor specialist CV Performance produces its Premium Harley CV Carb Tuners Kit to help simplify carb tuning for a variety of applications and make your customers’ H-D run to its fullest potential.

And even if the machine in question already has a jet kit in place, CV Performance said it can restore lost performance due to worn components.

If the bike in your service drive has a lot of miles, has been sitting without a winter prep, or is just generally sluggish, with trouble idling or issues with backfires, CV Performance said it can help. With a carb rebuild and fresh fueling control, the bike will feel factory fresh, easier to start and with better throttle response.

CV’s Carb Tuner Kit is available for all CV carburetors used on 1989-2006 Harley Big Twin, Twin Cam and Sportster models. The retail price for the comprehensive Premium Tuners Kit is $99.95. Each premium kit includes a number of CV Performance components that have been developed through extensive R&D and real world testing. These CVP items are CNC machined from aerospace quality billet materials and produced to CV Performance's exacting specifications.