Cycle Center of Denton's solid fan base

Publish Date: 
Jun 27, 2012
By Cynthia Furey

WE HEAR IT ALL THE TIME: Maintaining a welcome, friendly atmosphere is the key to success. Dealers who treat their customers like family are generally rewarded with repeat business, referrals, and an overall feeling of community and camaraderie. It’s just common sense.

Family-owned Cycle Center of Denton is a dealership that reportedly subscribes to this creed, going above and beyond what its Texas community asks of it — with the community responding in kind. When owners Kenny Martin, Randy Martin and Carlos Gonzalez rallied for votes in an effort to win the 2012 Top 100 Consumers’ Choice Award, the store clocked in nearly 30,000 votes — almost one vote for every square foot of the facility itself.

It took a lot of legwork. Corinne Martin, the store’s marketing manager and Kenny’s wife, spearheaded a multi-pronged marketing crusade that included email newsletters, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and marketing on the store’s own web page. Every email that went out to customers had a link to vote while employees campaigned in the showroom. “From the moment we saw that we could be in the running for the award, we started campaigning,” Kenny Martin says. “We said we would really appreciate their vote — if they thought we were worthy of it.”

While claiming the award at the Top 100 awards ceremony earlier this year in Indianapolis, Kenny still had his customers’ interests in mind. “As everything was going on, I was taking pictures of it at the show and sending them back to Corinne, and she was Facebooking and putting them on Twitter,” Kenny says. “We were instantly notifying customers what they had done for us.” After Dealer Expo, Kenny and Corinne sent emails to their customers thanking them for voting.

Cycle Center of Denton was a strong contender in the 2012 Top 100, winning a Top 10 award and even an honorable mention to the grand prize. Nearly all store activities are focused on customers, whether acting as a home base for local riding groups, hosting a monthly ladies’ night or organizing weekly riding schools.