Cycle Trader Redesigns Web Site

Cycle Trader will debut a redesigned website to the motorcycle community Nov. 26. The new site features a simpler graphic layout, improved search, expanded content and enhanced dealer positioning designed to attract, engage, and retain visitors longer, according to company officials.

"A vast amount of relevant cycle-specific content has been added to the site," says Cycle Trader in a press release issued Nov. 15. "Dealers now have the opportunity to more precisely target customers who are searching for their products and services, driving more qualified leads."

"Dealer products and services will be more prominently displayed, increasing value for their ad spend," says Gwyn Price, VP for Dominion Enterprises' Powersports Division, which owns and operates Cycle Trader.

According to Cycle Trader, the redesigned site features:

  • An optimized homepage design geared to quickly serve up more relevant, meaningful content to different audience segments.
  • An intuitive user interface based on the three drivers of classified advertising — finding, researching and selling. This reportedly improves navigation throughout the site.
  • Integration of Internet standard banner sizes, allowing advertisers to deploy standard advertising packages without modification.
  • Improved search capabilities.
  • Expanded search results, taking the returned value from 200 to 1,000 products.
  • Content that includes vehicle specifications, press releases and lifestyle features.
  • Information on more than 130,000 motorcycles, products and services.