Cycle Trader Updates Offering

admin has tapped eStara, a provider of e-commerce optimization services, to help roll out a new program designed to maximize sales conversion and measurement options for dealers working with the online sales outlet.

"Cycle Trader is focused on providing maximum value and functionality to its growing network of 2,000-plus dealers," says Jim Jensen, brand manager at "Our Full Throttle Solution, based on technology from eStara, provides dealers unique tracking numbers for online and offline advertising efforts and click to call functionality for online listings. Cycle Trader dealers now have the ability to optimize their online efforts, avoid lost leads and measure the effectiveness of their online and offline advertising all through a single, familiar portal."

The Full Throttle system uses an array of solutions from eStara including "Click to Call," which lets motorcycle buyers navigate seamlessly from the web to phone from websites, emails or directory listings. Dealer listings are Click to Call-enabled by embedding a button on their listing and in turn, offer prospects a channel to immediately connect by phone. For consumers who choose to research online but prefer to purchase offline, Click to Call provides an instant connection, with immediate personal contact and support.