Cycle Visions ready to debut bolt-on products

Publish Date: 
Jan 2, 2012

The motorcycle industry has more than felt the impact of the economic malaise of the past few years, with many manufacturers and shops making various degrees of cutbacks and cost-savings measures.

Now, with signs of a recovery bubbling up here and there, many are ready to emerge with new products and plans for moving forward, Cycle Visions’ founder Randy Aron is one of those who figures it’s time to stop reeling back and strike forth. Aron says his company will debut a handful of new products at the American V-Twin Dealer Show in Indy.

“When the craze was to build choppers, we were building a couple of choppers a month, but we never lost sight of bolt-on products,” says Aron, whose San Diego-based company was built on a long lineup of bolt-on accessories, bag mounts and other products.

Cycle Visions also features a service and repair shop, a portion of the business that does brisk work with tire changes, service work, frame mods, wheel installs and some custom bikes, Aron says.

One of the bigger sellers right now, he says, is his adaptor kits that allow customers to install FLH saddlebags on Harley-Davidson Dynas, Softails and Sportsters, and mounting kits for adding a fairing to a Dyna or a Softail.

It’s products like these, Aron says, that allow existing and newer generations of motorcyclists to customize their bikes and make what was once old new again. “Motorcycles aren’t just going to disappear. Someone is going to be riding them,” he says. “They’ll have new owners who will want to do something different to them.”

This story originally appeared in the Dealernews January 2012 issue.