CycraLite fenders have stronger, cooler-running design for 2014

Publish Date: 
Nov 11, 2013
By Bruce Steever

HEBRON, Ohio – Cycra Racing has been busy in the off-season updating its patented PowerFlow front fender for Honda’s latest CRF motocrossers.

Based upon the company moto of “Never Stock, Never Replica,” the CycraLite fender uses FEA  software to create a stronger and cooler-running design than similar stock of aftermarket options, the company said.

The key technology behind the CycraLite PowerFlow fender is the unique air scoop system that funnels air directly the bike’s radiators while also serving as an integral fender brace for added strength. Cycra Racing claims the design offers precise fit, optimum weight, colorfastness and durability under the toughest race conditions, all with the ability to use stock CRF graphics.

The updated CycraLite fenders fit late model CRF450 and 250 models and retail for $39.95.