Cyron's platinum LED kit provides flexibility for cruiser customization

Publish Date: 
Aug 15, 2014

CHATSWORTH, Calif. -- Cyron's latest motorcycle LED kit, the platinum kit, provides a good start-up for cruisers while allowing room for future expansion.

Selling points: The kit includes seven of Cyron's exclusive American-made CV6 LED clusters, each made up of six SMT LEDs in a small hermetically sealed body. Two solderless terminals make wiring simple and secure. The super wide angle light offers more coverage with up to 50,000 hours of life. Also included in the kit are four-foot cords for ease of mounting, a wireless on-off module with two remotes, a waterproof fuse holder, 12 wire ties and two ring terminals.

Options: Extra CV6 lights can be purchased in chrome or black body finish. The lights can be mounted on their base or side, and the system is expandable to up to 50 12" FL30 strips or 200 CV6 LED clusters.

MSRP: $129.95

From a news release