Daimo Announces Italjet Exclusive


Diamo USA (Booth 5119) has become the exclusive North American importer and distributor for the storied Italian marque, Italjet.

Diamo, a Texas-based importer of scooters, ATVs and small-displacement motorcycles — and known widely for its convertible top scoot, the Velux — will relaunch the Italjet brand in the U.S. with three models: the Dragster, the Torpedo and the Griffon.

Italjet in 2003 filed bankruptcy, and subsequently sold the molds and rights to several of its models to India-based Kinetic. Italjet soon regrouped and put its founder's son, Massimo Tartarini, at the helm. Diamo president Mathu Solo says that soon afterward he began discussions to bring back the brand to the States.

"[We made] an arrangement with Italjet to be the exclusive distributor for Italjet brand. The most important [model] was the Dragster," he notes.

The Dragster comes in a 50cc two-stroke and a 250cc four-stroke model. It already has an existing fan base in the U.S. The higher displacement model will feature a Piaggio 250cc Quasar engine.

The Dragster will be followed by the 150cc Torpedo, and then the Griffon, a motorcycle powered by a 650cc motor sourced from Korean manufacturer Hyosung.

Solo tells Dealernews that his company had been looking for European products to add to its lineup, but the dollar's weakness against the euro hampered efforts.

The corporate changes at Italjet allow Diamo to work toward more competitive pricing, he notes.

Solo says the Italjet lineup must first go through the a U.S. certification process which he predicts will go smoothly. Solo says the first products should ship in April.

Diamo plans to pick up 150 dealers in the United States to carry the Italjet brand. Solo says the company plans to tap into its existing dealer network to qualify new dealers.

India's Kinetic has yet to produce scooters using the Italjet designs. — Dennis Johnson