Dainese unveils new touring, sport and track gear

Publish Date: 
Nov 14, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

MOLVENA, Italy – Dainese has a long list of new riding gear that will be available in November, including options for touring, sport and track riding. The company has also teamed up with BMW to produce the DoubleR RaceAir racing suit with airbag technology.

Jackets include the men’s leather Stripes Evo Pelle ($599.99) with a removable thermal liner, vents and stretch fabric inserts. Touring riders have two waterproof jackets from which to choose: the Ridder Gore-Tex ($749.95) and Carve Master ($579.95). The Ridder (top photo) has a removable thermal lining, vents, a pocket for an optional chest protector and reflective inserts. Dainese says the jacket is one of the lightest in its category.

The Carve Master is also waterproof thanks to a Gore-Tex membrane, but its design is more sporty and less touring. Like the Ridder, though, it has a removable liner, reflective details and vents.

The Laguna D-Dry ($299.95) is sportier still, and its D-Dry membrane also offers waterproofing. Complementary D-Dry pants come in the form of the D-System Evo ($329.95) and D-System Evo Lady ($329.95). The quick-dry fabric shell is bolstered by removable armor and a removable, waterproof D-Dry membrane. The pants fasten to the Laguna D-Dry for snug riding in the rain.

Riders who opt for the Stripes Evo Pelle jacket can add the Jeans Pelle Vintage ($369.95) (pictured) or Pony C2 Pelle Lady ($449.95). The streamlined leather pants have armor in the knees and external pockets.

Dainese is giving ladies an extra choice when it comes to gloves thanks to the Scout Evo GTX Lady ($159.95). A waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, long gauntlets and ample reinforcements put them firmly in the touring category.

The only racing suit in the collection is the Laguna Seca Evo ($1,199.95). Flexible inserts and a redesigned chest are intended to give a rider more flexibility and comfort. The aerodynamic hump on the back has air intakes and inner ducts to increase airflow under the cowhide.

The Manis back protector ($209.95) has three more degrees of movement than prior designs, and its design is intended to follow the movements of the wearer more accurately. The external plates are made of polypropylene mated with Crash absorb material.

Although it is not a Dainese-branded product, the company helped BMW develop the new DoubleR RaceAir racing suit made with Dainese D-air Racing technology. It is the first gear to debut following a new development collaboration between the two companies. The DoubleR RaceAir has a built-in airbag designed to deploy in the event of a crash.

Media images courtesy of Dainese.