Dating site survey: More women than men say they are Harley fans

Publish Date: 
Jul 16, 2014

VAUGHAN, Ont. - According to a survey by Canadian online biker dating website BikerKiss, more women than men are Harley-Davidson enthusiasts.

About 3,000 members of -- 1,900 men and 1,100 women -- took the online survey. Of those, 19 percent of men identified the Motor Co. as their favorite brand, while 31 percent of women riders did so.

When asked why, women said it was awesome to be on a Harley, which is usually a beautiful bike. "I love it when I am on a Harley. It gives you all the attention you want," said Sarah, a Gold member. "But it's not about being pretentious or anything, or like I'm doing it out of vanity. I just love it deep down."

Also, women like Harley not only because it's about riding, but for the lifestyle. "It is about a life that only bikers would understand," one woman responded.

From a news release