Dave Koshollek to direct new series of Service seminars in Indy

The new Learning Experience at Dealer Expo took another step forward this week when it was announced that Dave Koshollek will direct the expanded offering of service management seminars at the February show.

“We are honored to have Dave heading up the Service pillar of the Learning Experience at the 2011 Dealer Expo,” said Stephan Ulbrich, director of the new Learning Experience seminar series launching at the February show. “Dave is recognized nationwide as one of the leading experts in Service Management and Operations. His training sessions will cover a variety of topics centered on growing service sales, reducing liabilities and developing stronger customer relationships.

“If you want to earn more, waste less and work smart, Dave’s seminars should be at the top of every dealer’s ‘to do’ list at Indy,” Ulbrich said.

“We are broadening the service subject matter at the 2011 Dealer Expo to include subjects of vital importance to a dealer’s business,” Koshollek said. “You’ll learn the best practices of customer sales and service, how to hire and retain the best service personnel, and get the skinny on what may be the biggest service investment in your shop: the chassis dynamometer and test booth.”

Koshollek is developing a number of tactical sessions with key dealer takeaways, including:

  • Service Merchandising: 10 items that will inspire sales in the write-up area
  • Pre-Appointment Tips: Five actions that will reduce mistakes and grow sales
  • Service Reception Excellence: Four tips to start the transaction off right
  • Be An Order Builder: Six questions that won’t hurt you to ask

Koshollek has recruited a number of experts for the seminars and discussions, including reps from the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (“who have graduated more motorcycle technicians than any other school on the planet,” he says) and Mike Daniels, owner of Daniels Performance.

“Mike Daniels has logged more dyno runs than just about anyone else in the United States,” Koshollek noted.

The plan, according to Koshollek, is to share best practices from the best service shops in the country, and then have the presenters act as moderators for open dealer-to-dealer discussions during the last half of each hour.

Koshollek has worked in the motorcycle industry for 40 years, first as a dealer mechanic and then a service department manager. In 1981 he became the fifth technical trainer at MMI, where he created the school’s Harley-Davidson technical training programs. He also served as MMI’s director of special programs, developing its two- and four-stroke performance programs and Dynojet dynamometer classes. Post-MMI he became vice president of USA Motorcycle Sales at Dynojet, placing dynos in dealerships across the country. In 1998, he started his own company, DAKO Management, which provides sales, service, product and management training for the industry.

Koshollek has been a Dealernews columnist and editorial advisory board member since 2004.