Dazey's Motorsports moves again, still expanding

Publish Date: 
Jan 23, 2013

REDWOOD, Calif. - Dazey's Motorsports has moved again, this time to Garberville.

The dealer started in the corner of another business in 2005, but quickly outgrew the site and moved to Redway. The growth has continued, so the Yamaha and Honda shop is moving again.

Manager Carolyn Jordan is no stranger to things that grow – she used to own a produce market. After selling, she began working at Dazey’s Supply, and after a year was put in charge of the powersports operation, despite her lack of experience in the industry.

“I could read a spreadsheet and profit and loss statement and I could balance the books,” she told the Redwood Times. Business has boomed, hence the move.

“There were storage issues in Redway. It was a good location, but we just outgrew it,” she said. “Now we have a freeway presence and a larger area for both the retail and service departments.”

Dazey's Motorsports is a Yamaha and Honda franchise, but the service department takes all comers. Now the focus is on expanding PG&A.

“We are excited to have the room to expand our accessories line, which includes Fox and Thor among others. We also will have more women and kids' lines of gear and motorcycle safety equipment,” Jordan said.

Posted by Holly Wagner