Dealer changeover leads to a new motorcycle museum

Publish Date: 
Sep 6, 2013

SANTA MARIA, Calif. – A dealership buyout has turned into a unique collaboration leading to the development of a Harley-Davidson history museum.

The museum opened over the summer at Santa Maria Harley-Davidson with a collection of historic and unusual bikes – mostly Harleys, but with some Hondas and others sprinkled in. The collection was culled from two family dealership businesses that became one when Kevin Jones, whose family now owns Santa Maria Harley-Davidson, recently bought Los Angeles Harley-Davidson in Anaheim from Tom and Barbara Scott.

The Scotts over the years had collected a number of historic motorcycles. Jones made the collection the centerpiece for the Santa Maria dealership.

“It was Kevin’s idea as a way to bring in travelers and give them something to come in and check out,” events coordinator Jackie Milner told the Adobe Press. 

 Milner researched and compiled the biographies on each of the bikes on display. 

Classic shop tools and vintage photographs of local racers add to the museum’s ambiance. 


Posted by Holly Wagner