Dealer Expo 2010: Indy Update

Publish Date: 
Nov 1, 2009

WOW, IT'S NEARLY the end of the year — how did that happen (again)?

The weather’s cooler (or downright cold) and you’re thinking about how you should merchandise for the upcoming holidays. Parents are shopping for their kids, kids for their parents, husbands for wives, wives for husbands — even though it’s been a tough year, they’ll still be coming in to find the perfect gift for their resident motorcycleATVsnowmobilepowersports crazy.

And in your copious free time (ha!), you’re probably also thinking about how this year went and are turning your thoughts to next year: How can you do more, make more, be better? It’s just what we do at the end of every year.

And it’s time for me to start yammering about Dealer Expo.

Hey, don’t quit reading just yet. Maybe you’ve already decided you’re going, so you think you don’t need to hear the “pitch.” Or maybe you’ve decided you’re not going. That’s what always surprises me every year — the retailers who don’t come to the show.

I love being at the show every year, watching the crowd flow and listening to the interaction. It’s such a buzz. So I’m always puzzled by the no-shows.

Now don’t think I have a puffed head and believe everyone in the powersports industry should be at the show — oh, wait, yes I do.

It’s not because Dealer Expo is the largest powersports trade-only, yada, yada, yada. It’s because it’s such a great resource for powersports retailers. Why in the world wouldn’t you go?

OK, you probably came up with half a dozen reasons right after you read that, but they’re really excuses for not doing absolutely everything possible to be competitive and successful.

Here’s a golden opportunity to put hands and eyes on just about every product that’s manufactured for the powersports enthusiast, to take a really good look at production quality and to take the measure of the people who stand behind these products. Here’s a chance to negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.