Dealer Expo 2011: The Dealernews Learning Experience

Publish Date: 
Dec 20, 2010

Expand your “information toolbox” by attending one or more sessions at the brand-new Dealernews Learning Experience. Industry and retail experts will give you tactical business training that would cost you thousands of dollars elsewhere, but are available to you and your staff free with your attendee registration.

The Learning Experience will kick off Friday morning with an exclusive keynote address that will inspire you and set you in motion to build your business during the economic recovery. A second keynote address is scheduled for Saturday morning, and a breakfast seminar is slated for Sunday morning.

The Dealernews Learning Experience is directed by Stephan Ulbrich, formerly director of marketing at Tucker Rocky Distributing, now an industry consultant. Ulbrich has been working with a dealer advisory panel to select a team of pillar champions and seminar leaders who will deliver information you can take home and put into practice immediately after the show.

A variety of tactical-based seminars and roundtables are scheduled throughout the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday according to the four basic pillars of dealership operation: Management, Sales, Service and Marketing.

The MANAGEMENT Track: Inspiration and Perspiration

Longtime industry veteran and management expert Frank Esposito will direct a team of speakers whose seminars will inspire you and challenge you to act — now.

“We are thrilled to have Frank Esposito, President of Kendon USA, leading management training at the 2011 Dealer Expo,” Ulbrich says. “Frank’s education and wealth of industry knowledge from many sides of the business give him a unique perspective on what really motivates and drives business success. Every dealer looking to improve their culture and bottomline profits should attend these sessions.”

“My presentation and the workshops we’re creating are founded on one core belief: There is no higher service than the service of others,” Esposito says. Each day the Management track will open with a lecture, followed by a series of workshops on engaging your workforce and building a culture of customer empathy (see box). Esposito says the workshops will be interactive, will involve a self-assessment tool, and will include a workbook participants can take back to their stores and use immediately to achieve results. (Continued)