Dealer Expo sales manager Peggy Zamberlan retires

Publish Date: 
May 31, 2012
By Mary Green Slepicka

Dealernews announces the retirement of Peggy Zamberlan, who for the last decade oversaw the massive exhibit floors in Indy as show and sales manager for Dealer Expo and the American V-Twin Dealer Show.

Zamberlan retires from Advanstar this week after nearly 20 years with the company. Before joining the Powersports Group, she managed exhibit sales for shows within the company’s Fashion division.

Many who have had the opportunity to work with Zamberlan over the years considered her the “heart” of the Dealer Expo team. “If you were ever down and needed a little pick-me-up, a quick chat with Peggy usually was the fix,” said Mike Vaughan, former publisher (and now a columnist) at Dealernews. “She always made me feel like a million bucks tax free. I’ve been in this business since 1972, and I don’t think I ever met anyone as consistently cheerful and fun to be around as Peggy.”

"Peggy always was one of the bright spots at Dealer Expo and Advanstar, and I'll miss her," said contributing editor Joe Delmont. "Her electric personality always charged up the space around her, and she always made me feel as though Dealer Expo was the most exciting place in the world."

Zamberlan never rode a motorcycle, which was a waste of a good haircut -- her severely cropped silver coif is virtually insusceptible to “helmet hair.” And you were more likely to find her in a high-end children’s store buying outfits for her granddaughter than ever hanging out at a service shop. But her enthusiasm for the powersports industry was contagious, her candid demeanor delighted all (okay, most), and her unbridled dedication to customer service made exhibitors feel valued.

“I want to wish Peggy all the best in her retirement,” said Greg Blackwell, vice president of sales for Lemans Corp., parent of Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties. “Peggy is a wonderful woman, and I will miss her spirit, her constant upbeat attitude, and dedication to Advanstar’s customers.”

Industry veteran Blaine Birchfield of Cobra Engineering says not seeing Zamberlan at industry events “is not fair. [But] we all know when it is time. We retire from jobs; we do not retire from life,” he said. Zamberlan “did a great job at the shows” and now needs to do a great job for herself, he added.

“Congratulations, Peggy. What a blessing you have been to the motorcycle industry, and you so deserve this time of leisure to spend with [your husband] and family,” noted Linda Lovett of T-Bags.

Zamberlan has not revealed her plans for the next 20 years, but we at Dealernews expect that she will be charging into a number of long-neglected personal interests near her home in Southern California. Anyone wishing to contact Zamberlan after June 1 may do so through Advanstar’s corporate headquarters at 2501 Colorado Blvd., Suite 280, Santa Monica, CA 90404; tel. 310-857-7500. Emails can be sent to, and we’ll be happy to forward them.

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